Adam Agee and Jon Sousa
Aeryk Parker and friends
Andy Reiner and Jon Sousa
Andy Reiner and Rodney Sauer
Andy Reiner, Tim Macomber and Holly Williams
Baba Yaga's Stew
Balance & Swing
Barb Kirchner, Ed Secor and Mark Brissenden
Barb Kirchner, Kate Kerr and Ed Secor
Ben Schreiber and Scotty Leach
Betsy Branch and Sue Songer (special from Portland)
Betty, Mike, and Friends
Blue Magpie
Boulder Bogtrotters
Buddy System
Caroline McCaskey, Sherilyn Urben, Teri Rasmusson
Caroline McCaskey, Sherilyn Welton (cello) and Teri Rasmusson
Celtic Spring
Cherokee Park Revival
Continental Drift
Deb & the Pariahs
Deb Carstensen & Friends
Deb Carstensen, Rodney & Nancy Sauer
Delicate Balance
Elixir and Buddy System
Elizabeth Wood & John Reading
Elizabeth Wood & Rodney Sauer
Eric Anderson and Eileen Nicholson
Eric Levine & Ben Cohen
Eric Levine & Rodney Sauer
Falcon Flight
Fiddle Dogs
Fifth Reel
Great Bear 5.0
Grouchy Geezers
Half Pelican (Andy Reiner & Joy Adams)
Half Pelican (Andy Reiner, Joy Adams) + Rodney Sauer
Hen Party
Joel Hayes and Friends
Joel Hayes, Dave Firestine, and Larry Clyman
Joel Hayes, John Reading, Ed Secor
Joel Hayes, Rodney Sauer, Amy Self
Josie Toney and Friends
Josie Toney and John Reading
Josie Toney and Scotty Leach
Julia Hayes, Phil Norman, Teri Rasmusson
Julia Hays, Brian Mullins, Dexter Payne and Teri Rasmusson
Julia Hays, Teri Rasmusson, and Rodney Sauer
Julie Vallimont (Nor'easter), Audrey Knuth (Free Raisins), Rachel Bell
Junk Yard Dogs
Karina Wilson & Larry Unger
Kate Kerr, Rodney Sauer, and Bonnie Carol
Katie Davis Henderson and Andy Reiner
Katie McNally and Neil Pearlman
Larry Edelman and Friends
Larry Unger and Andrea Early
Larry Unger, Andrea Early, Rodney Sauer
Larry, Ellen, and Thom
Latter Day Lizards
Laura Light, Barb Kirchner & Brett Bowen
Lizard Spring
Louisville Sluggards
Lucia Thomas and Rodney Sauer
Lucia Thomas, Rodney Sauer, and Ed Secor
Mark Brissenden & Mirela Matecic
Mark Brissenden's Surprise
Mark Brissenden, Amy Self, Barb Kirchner
Mostly Strauss Orchestra
New Rhythm Rangers
No Dance
Patty's Return
Pete's Posse
Polly's Folly
Prairie Dog Picnic
Purple Zephyr
Ragged Edge
Restless Spirit
Rhythm Raptors
Rob Zisette and John Reading
Rock It!
Rodney & the Coffee People
Rodney Sauer & Deb Carstensen
Rodney Sauer & friends
Rodney Sauer & Julia Hayes
Royston Hunget & Teri Rasmusson
Royston Hunget (fiddle), Sherilyn Urban (cello), Teri Rasmusson (piano)
Royston Hunget- fiddle Phil Norman- Cello Teri Rasmusson- piano
Sandra Wong & Fredric Pouille
Sandra Wong & Jon Sousa
Sandra Wong & Rodney Sauer
Sandra Wong and Frederic Pouille
Sassafras Stomp