Advice for New Dancers

  • Many of our dances have a free lesson before the start of the dance. Please come to the lesson! You’ll not only get all you need to enjoy an evening of dancing, you’ll also get to know us.
  • For dances without lessons, we all learn as we go and no lesson is needed. Still, come 15 minutes early and introduce yourself. Someone will be happy to show you some moves to help you feel a bit more comfortable.
  • Contra dancing is easy, even for people with two left feet, as it only requires walking, no fancy steps. Dances become progressively more complex as the evening progresses, so come early to learn with the easiest dances.
  • Bring clean, comfortable, soft-soled shoes to dance in. Gritty shoes harm the floor, and create airborne dust as the finish is worn down.
  • Wear lightweight clothes. Contra dancing is aerobic exercise. Experienced dancers may wear skirts or shorts and bring a change of shirts.
  • Please leave scented products at home. Some of our dancers are chemically sensitive, and can become ill when exposed to them.
  • Feel free to ask anyone to dance. Don't be shy! We typically change partners on every dance.
  • Above all, have fun. It doesn’t matter if you get all the figures right, what matters is that you enjoy the time on the dance floor.