All CFOOTMAD dances require a Signed Waiver and proof of vaccination (+ booster if it has been > 6 months since you completed the vaccination series). If we don’t have a record of your waiver and vaccination + booster, please be prepared to:
  1. complete a Waiver (you can print and complete this at home to expedite entry).
  2. show your current vaccination card at the door (a legible photo or copy is fine).
You can also email a legible photo or scan of your vaccine card, in advance, to  image not found.

Dancer guidelines:
  • Please check the website or Facebook group before coming to a dance, for the most current masking/cancellation status (see below for these guidelines).
  • Please stay home if you have any symptoms of any illness.
  • We encourage (but do not require) people to take a rapid test before attending, especially if they may have been exposed.
  • Per the waiver, you must inform the event organizer if you have COVID symptoms or test positive for COVID within 2 weeks of the event.

Masking and Cancellation guidelines:
CFOOTMAD uses the CDC’s COVID Community Levels to inform when we require masks and when we cancel dances - this replaces our former metric, the Colorado Dial Dashboard.

We made this shift because the CDC’s Community Levels place a greater emphasis on hospitalization rates and occupied beds. As current variants are very transmissible but less severe, and PCR COVID testing is less available, we feel the CDC metrics reflect community impacts more accurately than our former metrics (which focused on case numbers and % positivity).

We use these counties, where most of our dancers live, to determine our response: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Jefferson, and Larimer.
  • If these counties have “Low” (green) CDC Community Levels, masking will be at the discretion of the dance organizers.
  • If either the host county or two or more of the other counties have “Medium” (yellow) levels, CFOOTMAD will require masks at all of our dances.
  • If either the host county or two or more of the other counties have “High” (orange) levels, we will cancel dances until conditions improve.
The CDC updates its Community Levels every Thursday afternoon; we will update Facebook and this website soon after.